Facts about Om Mantra Chanting

The term OM or AUM, is a vibration sound chanted before, during or after a yoga or meditation session. The Om Mantra chant is an age old tradition with its roots in Hinduism, and is considered to have deep spiritual meaning.

For Yoga trainers, the chant is an important part of a session, as it is associated with being in sync with oneself and with the universe.

The mantra actually consists of four syllables: The first one ’ is meant to be pronounced as we’. The sound begins in the throat and causes your chest to vibrate. The second syllable ’ is pronounced as o’. The sound of this syllable causes vibrations in your throat. The syllable ’, which when pronounced will sound like a prolonged mm’, has such an effect that will make you feel vibrations at the top of your throat. The last syllable is an unending silence.

The sound “OM” when chanted is said to produce up to 412 Hz of vibrations. This is the exact frequency of vibrations that occurs in everything that exists in nature. Essentially, om mantra chanting is meant to enhance one’s connection with the universe. The sound “om” is considered to be the default sound of the universe, and when pronounced during om mantra chanting meditation, it signifies that one has acknowledged one’s connection with the entire God’s creation.

Furthermore, the sound has an effect on the physical state of the body. The vibrations slow down the nervous system, which helps to calm your mind and ultimately, to improve your health.

When performing m mantra’ chanting meditation, the chant also helps to mark the beginning of a session, signifying that you are doing something totally different from the usual activities of the day. The same is done to mark the end of a session, as your senses come back to life after a session of deep meditation.

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