Have you ever wondered how some people seem to effortlessly drift away to their perfect place of peace and continue to vibrate on a high level of positivity despite the negative situations happening in their lives?

Have you ever experienced a point in your life when everything seemed to fall into place and miracles and breakthroughs started to manifest one after another?

Do you wish you could go back to that highly favored season in your life when everything seemed to flow very smoothly?

Let me tell you some good news: You don’t have to wait for luck to come knocking on your door. What you have just experienced is not brought by a streak of luck rather it is a Divine awakening that led you to manifest your highest potentials!

Since Divine power is available for everyone, this means that we all have the ability to reach that “flow state” anytime we want and live a life where miracles and manifestations become a normal part of our every day.

Yes! It is possible! In fact, you can attract positive changes in all aspects of your life permanently by activating your Divine qualities hidden in your DNA.

Research suggests that we use only about 3% of our DNA which means that there is about 97% of human potential that has yet to be unlocked. As mentioned above, we humans have been gifted with Divine qualities contained in those dormant parts of our DNA that need to be activated in order for us to:

  • Establish a deep connection with the God of the Universe
  • Develop the ability to receive spiritual guidance and become sensitive to the promptings of the Universe
  • Have the ability to achieve optimal health
  • Transform ones relationship and attract supernatural abundance
  • Increase our supernatural energy
  • Manifest our heart’s desires
  • Transcend the physical realm and experience miracles

  The Role of 528 HZ Frequency in DNA Repair and Activation

A recent discovery in Neuroscience called Epigenetics or “Above Genetics” explains that we can change the way our genes express themselves through electrical signals or vibrations that reaches our genes in a genome level. This enables us to control the switches in our genes allowing us to choose whether to activate the “good” genes and deactivate the “bad” genes.

The 528 Hz Solfeggio Frequency also known as the “Love Frequency” is associated with DNA repair and activation. Results of some scientific experiments suggest that some of the ancient music such as Sanskrit and Gregorian chants that utilized the 528 Hz frequency were found to create resonance within the DNA, activate dormant DNA, and repair damaged DNA resulting to an increase in the vibrational frequency of a person. In turn, they are able to attract people, opportunities, and situations of a similar higher frequency.

Likewise, the 528 Hz frequency is also found to have some healing effects on water. Since our DNA is surrounded by a matrix composed of clusters of water, the 528 Hz frequency positively affects our DNA by restructuring these clusters of water into stable rings that causes our DNA to operate in its optimum state.

Benefits of the 528 Hz Frequency

528 Hz tune music also known as the “miracle” tone is said to have a lot of positive benefits to our mind, body, and spirit as listed below:

  • Increases energy
  • Attracts clarity of mind
  • Develops awareness and spiritual awakening
  • Activates creativity, imagination, and intuition
  • Cultivates inner peace
  • Heals damaged cells and tissues
  • Increases positive vibrations
  • Improves mood

Below are some helpful tips for effective meditation using 528 Hz frequency:

  1. Pick a peaceful and quiet place without any distractions
  2. Choose a comfortable position (you can listen to this music during the day or right before you sleep)
  3. Use headphones if possible for better focus
  4. Find your optimal volume level
  5. During meditation, some negative emotions can surface. This is normal as these tones are trying to remove these negative energies and cleanse your energy portals. Try your best to stay in the meditative state and just allow those emotions to flow. Once they appear in the surface, it will be easier to take control of them and to practice letting them go until you are fully healed.
  6. Listen to this healing music daily or at least three times per week, with a minimum of 15 minutes per session for a month or more.

Listening repetitively to this 528 Hz frequency increases the impact of these positive changes over the days, weeks, and months that follow. It works best when used as a background for prayer and meditation.

Whichever way you choose to benefit from this miracle tone, it is important to note that your willingness to be healed through this frequency is an important factor in the healing process. Your faith in the Divine power within you is a very powerful aspect that speeds up the healing and manifesting process.

May the blessings and Divine light of God be upon you all the days of your life and make you prosper and succeed in everything that you do!

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