How to Make Your Wish Come True with Law of Attraction

The movie Happy Feet Two talks about the power of the law of attraction in the portion where, the little penguin, Erik learned about Sventhink. Sventhink is a philosophy shared by a penguin-look-a-like Puffin bird, Sven to empower the imagination of the common penguins. They used the mantra “If you want it, you must will it, if you will it, it will be yours.” This is a powerful chant to meditate with and visualize what you want to have or to be in the future. It holds true in real life. We attract what we think. That is why a lot of people invest in yoga or other forms of meditation to be able to attract positive thoughts and create a more meaningful and productive lifestyle. Because everybody has a wish – and this a great way to turn it into something real. It is the law of attraction that uses the power of the mind to turn what is in our minds to become reality. In simpler terms, all we can think of can sooner or later be achieved. Visualization is a technique in taking your dreams closer to reality. The more you think about it, the better ideas will come to you. It can assist you to form an image in your head of all that you want in your life. It keeps you motivated and confident that whatever challenges are out there to hinder you from your dreams are just little stones on the road your success. It programs your brain to be ready and think harder of ways to be able to achieve your goal. Here are some visualization tools:
  • Positive Affirmations – is a spoken and repeated mantra or a simple statement that makes you feel better
  • Dream Board – is a creative way of visualizing your goals. You can do this by either scrap-booking, cutting magazines or drawing in a board.
  • Meditation – is the highest form of visualization. It uses the power of the mind to program your brain of the possibility of everything you think about.
  • A journal – is a great way to track your steps to your dream. Do not forget to write about the things you need to be grateful for – anything that helped you move closer to your goal.
With the techniques above and a better understanding of the law of attraction, you will be amazed by the benefits it can bring you in the following aspects of your life:
  • Creating a long-lasting relationship
  • Attracting Wealth and Money
  • Improving Physical and Mental Health
  • Achieving Success

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