How To Practice Law Of Attraction During Visualization Meditation?


The-Law-Of-Attraction is where we use our minds ability to attract what we are focusing on, into our lives. Once you know what you want, you will focus on what your needs and wants are in order to attain what you really want.

The theory is that if you think positive thoughts, you will get what you want or need. If you are negative and put yourself down, you won’t see the results of the Law Of Attraction.

Interrelationship Between The The-Law-Of-Attraction, Visualisation Meditation And Positive Affirmations

Visualization Meditation refers to the act of meditating by  positive changes into our life. You just have to sit down and visualize all positive things happening into your life. This can be a powerful tool to reach emotions, hurt and whatever else you may be storing inside. Since 65% of people are visual learners, this is a wonderful way for you to work on yourself without feeling pressure.

Positive affirmations are positive sayings or phrases that we repeat to remember them. The phrases often start with “I am” and is followed with something positive about yourself.

“I am joyful and smart” would be one, another similar one would be worded more like “My intelligence and peaceful being are a blessing for those who share it with me”.

Others may include “I am going to attract….” Or “I am a good parent and my kids love me”. They are little reminders for us of what we are worth. As we all have scars we don’t want to deal with, this can be difficult for some people. The challenge is to work through it as part of our healing process. Start off small, you can always add more later.

How Do We Practice All This?

Now, how can we combine these three things in order to help ourselves?

Step-1 : We will want to start by knowing which positive affirmations we will be using. We will be using ones at first to get us into the meditation state. Tell yourself that you feel calm, strong, healthy. Remind yourself that your mind is open and at ease. Here’s where meditation music might come in handy.

Step-2: Now, what do you want? What do you need? Now let’s focus your phrases and sayings around that. Feel free to write them down. We will want to find an appropriate video (which can be found for free online) for what we want to meditate on. We will prepare ourselves in beginning by repeating our positive affirmations.

Step-3: We want to be comfortable, with our minds calm, ready to take action to improve our inner beings. This is where the law of attraction comes in. At this time our minds have relaxed and we are ready to take a step further. The sayings and phrases will now be based on what your wants and needs are. Let’s say we are hurt after a failed relationship, and we feel like we aren’t valuable. We will feed our minds with positivity by repeating phrases such as “I am worth it” or “I can do this, and I will do this”. The same can go for a career or anything else in life you truly focus on.


So what do we do now? It’s time to manifest our dreams, write down some positive affirmations, focus on what you want, and sit back and let meditation time take you to a place you haven’t been before.

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