Law of Attraction FAQ

This is a knowledge-base section that answers most of your questions associated with the law of attraction and quantum physics theory.

1. What is the correlation between the law of attraction and Quantum Physics theory?

The law of attraction educates that your life is attracted to what you have focused on. On the other hand, Quantum Physics confirms that nothing is fixed in life, and there is a moving energy that makes you achieve what you focus on. By discovering that energy is a state of potential, it is easy to believe in your thoughts.

2. What is the secret behind quantum physics theory?

The world is composed of energy that is compatible and vibrates all time. Simply, when you remit optimistic energy through your mind you will be rewarded with an optimistic energy via reciprocation response. When handled with care, this energy can completely change your life. All you need to do is to visualize and be thankful in your life. When you aim positively you will be linked with the world and it will positively respond back to your desire.

3. How do meditation and the law of attraction works?

Meditation is a significant element in fulfilling your needs and wish in life. It is the art of comforting your body and calling for a supernatural power to intervene in your thoughts. When you relax your body, you are cleansing your mind from unnecessary thoughts holding you back from visualizing your future the right way. Ideally, once you are able to uphold your inner energy and dispose of resistance, your desire will become authentic. With meditation, you will no longer be controlled by your personalities, but your inner energy system – God or your super-high power.

4. Can quantum physics explain the law of attraction?

Quantum of energy is only present as a wave of probable positions and movements on space. In other words, there is a nonstop sphere of potentiality available on every energy atom. Because particles revolutionize their behaviors occasionally, what influences it position and motion are linked to the environment. Literally, it is your exclusive nature and personal insight of certainty that forms your real life. You convince yourself that whatever you sense is real because that is an influential way to implement your thoughts. In summary, you can easily sway the result of your life through your experiences and opinions.

5. Is it true that my world is made of spirit, mind, and body?

Yes! They all have a unique duty to perform in your life that makes you different from others. What you observe through your eyes today and sense is the solid world, which is the body. The body is formed by a cause. On the other hand, the spirit is what renders your life to the body and mind. It is unseen but very powerful. You must understand that your body is not capable to build your future, though it allows the perception of power to create. The most important thing depends on how you see the world and how you can use the observation to manifest in things you desire.

6. My life solely depends on what I have imagined and believed in – How is this true?

The universe is factually your shadow, making you experience your real nature in your present life – until you transform. Quantum physics confirms that the universe is not the hard solid that never change as many may think. Instead, it is a place that changes continuously depending on human thoughts and personalities. Your dreams can only come true when you believe in them.

7. How do I apply the Law of Attraction to my life?

You are automatically subjected to the law of attraction by the vibration of your inner energy and your perception of life. You are created with a true power and you can activate it to help you fulfill your desires in life. It is really simple, be happy, be optimistic, and focus on your thoughts.

8. Is there a connection between the law of attraction and God’s power?

The answer is yes! If you are a believer, God is present in your life every day. God’s manifestation can only be fulfilled in your life if you believe in Him. If you call God to guide you in your thoughts, He will intervene. If you believe in some supernatural powers, then that is your source of hidden energy.

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