Meditation and Its Benefits

Meditation and its benefits:

Before you can understand what meditation is, it is important to know it isn’t, Meditation does not involve zoning out, you won’t experience any earth-shattering events, you will not learn to control your mind. Meditation is simply a spiritual practice, it teaches you to work with your mind to help you grow in awareness. This simple process allows you to create and improve your sense of attentiveness, calm and presence, it also helps you to become more empathetic and patient. As your sense of awareness increases the more you will benefit from your meditation sessions.

Everything a person experiences is felt by the mind. This is what separates us from machines. Our experience, thoughts, pleasures, and pains; motor controls, artistic abilities, passion, and devotion…everything that makes us human is directly related to our mind. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people take this for granted and do not spend enough or in many cases any time trying to get to know their minds. Meditation allows us time to do just that, instead of focusing on external forces you instead focus on the internal, helping your mind by training it to become relaxed and more aware.

Here are 20 advantages of meditation:

  • Meditation is good for your health.
  • Meditation helps with sleep.
  • Meditation is proven to speed up the healing process.
  • Meditation is proven to boost people immune response,.
  • Studies have indicated that meditation helps with pain relief.
  • Research has shown meditation helps decrease inflammation.
  • People who mediate profess to be happier than before.
  • Meditation is directly linked to people thinking more positively.
  • Meditation helps people suffering from depression and helps in stress relief.
  • Meditation is also known to help with anxiety issues.
  • Meditation reduces the effects of stress.
  • Meditation makes people more socially aware. Even though meditation is a solitary pursuit, it helps people feel more connected to their fellow man.
  • Meditation increases people emotional strength and intelligence, which has been directly related to accelerated healing.
  • Meditation increases in compassion for others.
  • Meditation increases self-control, this is mainly achieved through increased awareness of your emotions. In order to control negative emotions, practitioners are able to quiet their minds and remain focused on what is important.
  • Meditation helps people with their ability to think introspectively.
  • Meditation improves your overall brain function and sleep patterns.
  • Meditation increases the grey matter parts of the brain, these are directly associated to healthy neurological function. Results in Increased capacity in areas linked to emotion management, decisive emotions, and exercising self-control.
  • Meditation helps you remain focused and attentive by increasing the overall cortical thickness of the brains tissue.
  • Meditation makes people more productive, by helping them remain focused for longer periods of time.
    Because you can now remain focused for longer, you now will have an increase in your ability to multitask.
  • Meditation has shown to improve people memory.
  • Meditation improves creativeness and increases their ability to think laterally and outside of the box.
  • Meditation has been known to make people wiser as it helps give you perspective.

 Meditation will allow you to get to know your mind, you will become more authentic and begin to take more responsibility for yourself. You will begin to understand that your mind cannot always be trusted to act in your best interests. It regularly fills itself with drama and other stories, this only helps to cloud your mind. Meditation will help to clear this haze and give you perspective

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