Visualize Your Stress Away: The Benefits Of Meditation For Anxiety

meditation for anxiety

Did you know that anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States? That’s right. At any given time, anxiety impacts approximately 18% of the adult population. 

Living with anxiety can be debilitating. It can make it challenging to stay present with yourself (and others), and it can make daily tasks feel impossible.

Meditation for anxiety can make a world of difference in reducing those unwanted symptoms. Let’s get into the benefits!

Meditation Quiets The Active Mind

Do you feel like you’re running on a treadmill? Like your thoughts move around as fast as they can, but they ultimately end up nowhere?

Guided meditation can help you step off the treadmill. It can help you refocus your thoughts and slow down the nonstop mental chatter.

Instead of rehashing different scenarios (from the past) or obsessing on potential events (in the future), you can focus your attention on the here and now.

Meditation Releases Endorphins

Did you know that meditation releases those feel-good endorphins we get from other, pleasurable activities like exercise, sex, or spending time with friends?

Endorphins help improve overall brain function. They can also help with pain relief and stress management.

In addition to endorphins, meditation can also release other vital chemicals. These include serotonin, dopamine, DHEA, GABA, GH, oxytocin, and melatonin. Best of all, it keeps cortisol (the stress hormone) in check.

For this reason, some people swear that meditation can be just as effective as pharmaceutical mediation.

Meditation Engages Mind-Body Connection

We store anxiety in our bodies. For example, your heart beats quickly when you feel scared. You tense and clench your muscles, and you naturally shorten your breathing.

Anxiety helps relax the body. This, in turn, helps you relax the mind. Often, we are unaware of how much tension we store on a daily basis.

Getting in the habit of connecting into our bodies can help us learn how to recognize tension as it arises. After all, it’s better to manage anxiety from the beginning–rather than wait for it to implode on us!

Meditation Can Improve Your Decision-Making

Many people with anxiety struggle with indecisiveness. They become paralyzed in their own minds about which option they should choose. Then, they ruminate that they made the wrong choice.

Meditation can help you center your focus. You can calmly remove the excess clutter from your mind. This allows you to hone in on what’s important.

Many world-famous entrepreneurs and celebrities use meditation as a tool to help them succeed. If it works for them, why not take a chance to see if it can work for you?

Final Thoughts on Meditation For Anxiety

Meditation for anxiety can be a powerful technique for restoring your overall mental well-being. It can be one of the best coping strategies to implement as part of your self-care plan. Best of all, it’s free, and you can do it anywhere!

Are you interested in getting started with guided meditation? Check out our video collection today.

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