What Are The Solfeggio Frequencies ?

Sound can heal, and that is the entire concept behind solfeggio frequencies. The idea is not a recent invention, although evidence continues to indicate that it is well-founded. In fact, Solfeggio frequencies are at times referred to as “the ancient Solfeggio frequencies.” This might have something to do with the fact that the frequencies were once lost, but have now been recovered.

The frequencies are believed to have been discovered about at least 300 years ago.

There are claims that Gregorian Monks used the frequencies when chanting and meditating. The reason behind this was that the frequencies could go deep into the conscious and subconscious in a way that could stir deep and unusual feelings and even stimulate healing.

Solfeggio is not anyone’s name, as some people might imagine. Actually, it is created from syllabic representation of the musical notes. But it does have an Italian origin; as it means the use of syllables from the sol-fa scale.

Sound has been a fascinating phenomenon for many centuries; and it still is.

There is some mathematical and religious links to Solfeggio frequencies. Science also backs the proposition that music can heal and reduce mental strain. So, the Solfeggio frequency scales have been of great interest to the world in general; and in all spheres of life.

Some of the benefits linked to this type of music includes

  • lower heart rate
  • reduced blood pressure
  • lower stress hormone levels
  • relief and improved outcomes for people undergoing surgical procedures
  • These music can even make the brain grow by promoting new connections

Music is rhythmic, and so is everything about the human body and spirit. The way the heart beats is rhythmic, as is the way we breath, walk, and so forth. That is why good music will make you calm and attentive, while noise might bring up feelings of distress and anger, creating imbalance with the frequencies generated.

So, to those who believe that the working of Solfeggio frequencies are more hype than fact. In ICU settings, music has been proven to lower pain levels by more than 25%. So, you can imagine what musical sounds specifically designed to offer pain relief can do.

Speaking of which, Solfeggio frequencies can be used to achieve a number of health outcomes; and here are the nine Solfeggio frequencies and their capabilities.

The Nine Solfeggio Frequencies

1. 174 Hz – Pain Relief
This is the lowest of the solfeggio frequencies. Under the influence of this frequency, you will enjoy a number of benefits. These include:
– Pain relief
– A sense of safety and security
– Feelings of love

2. 285 Hz – Healing of Damaged Tissue
This special frequency is said to have a connection to the body, soul, and mind in a way that promotes better physical health and wellbeing. The frequency has restorative capabilities, which is why it is linked to benefits such as:
– Treatment of cuts, wounds, and burns
– Restoration of cells to their original form
– Improving your energy levels

3. 396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear
A lot of people struggle with guilt at one point or another. Unfortunately, guilt can hinder self-actualization, and stand in the way of you achieving your dreams. The advantages of this frequency include the following.
– The ability to break down any walls you have built around yourself that are hindering personal growth
– Making you less fearful so that you can go after your dreams without fear
– Helping you think with sobriety so that you have a better grasp of reality

4. 417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
If you have strayed from the right path, you should use this frequency to get things back on track. This frequency is believe to have the ability to help you remedy any departure you might have from God. With this frequency, you can erase the things that have made you set along the wrong path. Therefore, if you have gotten yourself into a situation that gets you further away from the right path in life, this frequency can change that.

Therefore, its benefits include the following.
– Cleansing traumatic experiences
– Improving the working of the DNA
– Energizing the cells in the body
– Very effective as meditation music
– Enhancing creativity
– Getting rid of any mentalities that can limit your capabilities

5. 528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
For better health and wellbeing, the DNA needs to be in a perfect state. The manner in which this happens is nothing short of miraculous, which is why this frequency is linked to the occurrence of miracles. DNA repair is very important, as it is linked to a number of benefits. These are:
– More energy
– Enhanced creativity
– Spiritual enlightenment
– Improved inner peace
– Better awareness
– Mental clarity

6. 639 Hz – Connecting/Relationships
This frequency nurtures connections. It is especially good at helping create good relationships, which is why it can be used to address issues between families and partners. So, if your social life is having some difficulties, this might be the frequency that could finally get things working normally again. The frequency promotes this by making cells communicate with the environment, which promotes positive feelings that make relationships flourish. Its upsides include the following:
– Promotion of feelings of tolerance
– Enhanced feelings of love between people
– The music brings to life the law of attraction to make personal connections easier and more successful
– Better understanding and communication between people
– Can be used to connect to spiritual worlds

7. 741 Hz – Awakening Intuition
This frequency promotes healthier living. Under the influence of this frequency, your cells can be cleaned of any toxins. Advantages of this frequency include:
– Making healthier diet choices involving foods free from toxins
– Cleaning the cells of any electromagnetic contaminations
– A purer spiritual live
– Ridding the cells of infections caused by virus, bacteria or fungi

8. 852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order
This frequency is believed to have the power to awaken your inner self and promote self-actualization. Anyone wallowing in the downsides of chronic over-thinking, hence fogging their minds and hindering a spiritual connection can use this magical frequency to clear their minds and reestablish a spiritual connection. Related benefits of this Solfeggio frequency include the following.
– A stronger connection to a higher self
– A spiritual connection to spirit guides and helpers

9. 963 Hz – Return to Oneness
In any original state, a system is one. There is full and effective connection between light and spirit. This solfeggio frequency does just that so that you can experience oneness in all its glory.


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