Why 432 Hz Tuned Music?

You may wonder why everyone fancy 432 Hz tuning with regard to music. This is due to its valuable healing energy associated with its heart soothing pure tones. 432 Hz commonly known as A=432 or Verdi’s A is a standard pitch music tuning option regarded to be mathematically consistent with the universe.

All music tuned to Verdi’s A is known to be clearer, bright and soft to the ears. This is the reason people favor it than other sound pitches. The softness and clarity offer listeners a relaxing and healing effect of their minds.

Popular 440 Hz pitch did not favor natural vibration. As a result, people would opt for 432 Hz which is more natural and does harmonize on any level corresponding to rhythm and natural vibration.

Benefits of Using 432 Hz-Tuned Music

432 Hz tuned music comes with a number of benefits as highlighted below.

  • Verdi’s A is viewed to resonate with nature (Heart Chakra). As a result, it can restore one’s mental and spiritual well being as well as repairing DNA.
  • Its natural existence creates harmony among listeners.
  • It prevents the listener from psychotic symptoms paranoia and anxiety that are associated with 440 Hz.
  • Its softness and clarity are ear-friendly as there is no need to play loud music. That would be necessary for other tuning options. Ear damages are highly minimized.
  • Noise pollution is minimized as well. Music played at 432 Hz is calmer, clearer giving a more musical picture.
  • A symbol of unity with the universe. Origin of 432 Hz is linked to numerical numbers used in ancient times. It is unifying in nature offering great relaxation to the listener.

The 432 Hz tuned music promises great fulfillment of the heart and mind. People choose it over other musical tunes due to its natural aspect, clarity, and softness. 432 Hz offer health and spiritual benefits as described above. It is its consistency with nature that makes it standout after all.

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